Gene's Note: A Winning Team

On my way back from watching my Grandson play in the championship game of his youth baseball league, I had the opportunity to reflect on the elements that are necessary for a winning team. You see, my Grandson's team lost the seven of their first eight games. Things were looking pretty bleak for the young guys. There were several new team members and it was clear in the first few games that they were playing as individuals, not as a team.

So, how did they end up in the Championship? Well... as the kids got to know each other they started to learn that together they were better, and individuals can't win championships. Slowly, but surely, they learned how to play together and they built their confidence. His team was the last team to qualify for the playoffs. Yet through incredible focus and teamwork, they pulled together to win multiple close games to find themselves, the team least likely to make the playoffs, in the Championship game.

So, what does my Grandson's game have to do with Rogue Credit Union? Well, I believe that teamwork is the hallmark of your credit union. Our team is focused on one thing and that is ensuring that Rogue is a credit union that you want to tell others about. In fact, nearly 90% of our new members join Rogue simply because they were referred by a member of the credit union. With that almost unheard of referral rate, your credit union has experienced a historical level of new member growth. I continue to be amazed that growth has never been a strategy of your credit union... Our focus has always been on providing great service and a fair value. This focus, not on the bottom line, but on you... Has led to results that many bottom line focused businesses could only dream of.

As I drove by our new Roseburg branch on the way home from my Grandson's game, I was reminded of all the new players on the Rogue team. The Roseburg branch, the East Medford branch, and SOU Campus branch all joined the Rogue team late last year and have already become MVPs in the Rogue lineup. Our 100,000 member joined the credit union at our new Roseburg branch and I am stopped on a regular basis by community members thanking the credit union for opening our East Medford branch. I am also proud to be part of the "championship" team at SOU with our new campus branch. Together your credit union is better with our new "teammates."

We are working every day to prove to you that Rogue and our members are better together. Through Rogue Rewards, we are working to demonstrate the value of your ownership and participation in YOUR credit union. I personally want to say, "Thank You, Thank You, Thank You..." For being a part of the Rogue Credit Union team!

Together we are better!!

(Oh, by the way... In the championship game, my Grandson's team fought valiantly against the only undefeated team in the league... Just one run separated them from winning what was just a few weeks earlier an unthinkable victory... However, I believe they experienced the greatest victory of all... Their real victory came from learning that together they were better...)