Best In Show

Typically speaking, being pulled over by a police officer makes your heart drop and the palms of your hands sweat. However, on June 18th at the Medford Cruise, Floyd and Mary Scaife found this gesture to be one of pure thrill, as the police officers pulled them over to announce that their beautifully restored 1956 Chevy had been selected as the 2016 Best of Cruise auto, presented by Rogue Credit Union. After further discussion with the Scaife’s,  we found out they are long-time Rogue members, which made us even more excited to celebrate in their Chevy’s recognition!

Floyd and Mary Scaife have spent a lot of time at car shows, and now as they are enjoying their retirement, they have found that they are attending even more!  The Scaifes enjoy getting out and showing off their beauty, visiting with other car enthusiasts and roaming around the show ‘n’ shines.  Floyd said that over the years they have come to know, or at least recognize many of the other Chevy fans from around the area, and they look forward to visiting with these fellow cruisers at the various local car shows. 

While enjoying the Kruise of Klamath in their shaded outdoor chairs, Mary shared that Floyd hardly slept the night before because of his excitement for the show.  Floyd’s insomnia had caused Mary to wake up, so she went ahead and made the most of her lack of rest and baked some banana bread! You wouldn’t have known either of them were running on little or no sleep with the excitement they had for their car!

The Scaifes joined Rogue in 1973 when they both worked for the Medford School District. Mary remembers there being a push from the school district to become part of the Credit Union, so they signed up, and have been members ever since.

The opening of the Ashland branch was greatly beneficial to the Scaife’s, as residence of the Shakespearean city. Mary mentioned that staying with Rogue all of these years has really been rooted from the relationships she has with the Rogue employees. Mary formerly had another financial institution she belonged to However, when they continued asking to see her ID for verification after 20 years of business, she was so disappointed that she left and brought the rest of her financial relationship to Rogue. Mary’s loyalty to Rogue is attributed to the great relationships the branch employees have created with her.

Mary says that being a Rogue member gives her a sense of security, she appreciates the convenience of our local branches and she values the community relationships that Rogue employees are intentional in creating with members. 

When Mary was asked what comes to mind when she hears Rogue Credit Union.  She said, “Local, involved, cares about the members, and involved in special community events.” It is this level of service and commitment that we hope to instill in each and every of one our members’ experiences here at Rogue. We wish continued excitement for the Scaife’s in their retirement, and we look forward to seeing them whether that be in our Ashland Branch or traveling around the area, hopefully being surrounded by the police only when they win another award!