Gene's Note: Rogue's Student Branches

Summer is just around the corner, school is winding down and Rogue’s Student Branches are wrapping up another successful year.

You may not be aware, but Rogue Credit Union operates five Student Branches in local area high schools including South Medford, Ashland, North Medford, Eagle Point and Brookings-Harbor.  This fall we are excited to open our sixth Student Branch at Grants Pass High School.  We also just celebrated the 23rd anniversary of the Student Branch Program here at Rogue which began back in 1993 at the former South Medford High School building.

Our five Student Branches are operated by Student Tellers and are open during lunchtime at the schools. Through this program, our twenty Student Tellers gain hands-on experience opening accounts and processing transactions for students, faculty and staff.

At Rogue, the Student Branch program is much more than your typical part time job – our Student Tellers learn about marketing, strategic planning, and the importance of community involvement. Each year, the Student Branches are challenged with completing three projects: a Grand Opening celebration, a Promotion, and a Community Service Project. It’s amazing to see the excitement and creativity from the students as they plan their events. From a dunk tank with the principal of Eagle Point High School to Sparrow Club fundraisers, it’s always exciting to see what they come up with.

In June, we will have nine Student Tellers graduating from our program – they have gained lifelong skills that they’ll take with them to college and throughout their working career. The greatest feedback we hear from our Student Tellers, is how much they learned about communication, team work, and member service. This program has left such a strong impact on these students that some of our first Student Branch Tellers are still employed with Rogue today. Further, this year three of our former students joined the initial student tellers at our new Southern Oregon University Campus branch.

Our Student Branch Program exemplifies the credit union philosophy of people helping people, and giving back to our communities. Your continuing loyalty to Rogue Credit Union allows us to have a positive influence on the youth in Southern Oregon.