Gene's Note: Cruising Down Memory Lane

Every year when we gear up for the Medford and Klamath Cruises, my mind begins to wander down memory lane. From my mother and father meeting at Cubby’s Drive-In here in Medford, to my love for motorsports, cars have always been an integral part of my life.



Some of my most cherished childhood memories took place under the hood of a family vehicle. I was excited as a youngster to assist my dad with tearing out door panels and removing seats, helping him prepare his car to race at the old Medford Posse Grounds off of Sage Road.  I still remember traveling with a caravan of my racing heroes for a Sunday race in Klamath Falls. My dad’s #22 Dragon Wagon, with a big dragon painted along the side, is one of the images that I will remember forever.

With summer just around the corner, I fondly remember those days as a teenager when we would gather together in one of my friend’s cars and head to town to cruise the “gut”. Cars loaded with teens, heading up Riverside and down Central with their windows down, shouting back-and-forth between cars was the social media of the day. You connected with kids from all over the valley in downtown Medford on Friday and Saturday nights. A few friends would gather together $1 to purchase 5 burgers at Bob’s Burgers, and if you were lucky you would find change to buy a bucket of fries to share.

My love of cars and the camaraderie that car lovers share has always been a part of my life. I realized a dream when I raced Go Karts competitively at the Southern Oregon Kart track with my Dad’s #22 on the side and I was excited to see my son compete in the Friday night drags at Champion Raceway.

These memories remind me how lucky I was to have all of these amazing experiences in such a beautiful place as Southern Oregon. So, join me and our Rogue Team Members to celebrate another special piece of Southern Oregon history at the Medford Cruise, June 14th -15th and the Klamath Kruise, June 29th.