Gene's Note: Rogue Rangers

Happy Holidays!

It is that special time of the year where we give gifts to those that we care about the most. I am excited because this year I have a gift to share with our youngest loyal members. I firmly believe the sooner our children learn good habits that support giving, saving, and spending the easier it will be for them to achieve their dreams as adults. Rogue has always believed in financial literacy and our youth programs serve to make basic financial lessons fun. 

So, we are saying farewell to the Money Mammals Program at Rogue Credit Union.

I am excited to introduce our fun new Youth Financial Education Program, the Rogue Rangers Kids Club! Rogue’s in-house Marketing Team spent the year creating an incredible, engaging program for our youngest members. 

The Rogue Rangers live in the mountains in the Rogue Credit Union logo and work at the “Wilderness Branch” of the credit union where they help parents teach kids about money. This “branch” is really growing – after all, Rogue has very deep “roots” in our community.

The Rogue Rangers are a fun and helpful team! Head ranger Wally the Wolf shows kids how to give generously, Sammy the Squirrel helps kids learn how to save smartly and Ollie the Owl teaches kids how to spend wisely. The Rogue Rangers love finding ways to help members across Southern Oregon – just like the Rogue Credit Union team, they are always ready to serve!

The Rogue Rangers Kids Club offers our youngest members and their parent’s interactive financial educational activities, great events for kids as well as fun rewards for participating in the credit union. The kids will have so much fun completing the Spend, Save and Give challenges in our Rogue Rangers Badge Book, plus, earning rewards to deposit into their high-yield Ownership Account. Our hope is that Rogue will be able to help them learn and build a valuable financial foundation to take with them into their future.

For more information, on how to introduce a young person (ages 11 and under) to the Rogue Rangers click here or ask a Rogue Team Member today to learn more about our Rogue Rangers program! They are a fun group of Rangers that will be out and about next year at key community and youth events. When your child sees our Rogue Ranger Wally the Wolf out and about, please feel free to take a selfie with Wally and post the photo on our Facebook page to share with all of our members!